Lovemypizza: Best pizza Vancouver. Pizza chef of the year 2019 Canada champion Giuseppe Cortinovis
TRADITIONAL STYLE This is basically any traditional round pizza that can’t be considered Neapolitan. The neapolitan pizza rules have been written down in the “VPN disciplinare”, so if you don’t follow them, you are going to create a Traditional pizza. Traditional pizza is the most common pie that you find in Italy, outside of Naples.
this is a traditional housemade pizza I made yesterday ;)
Some restaurant cook it in a wood burning oven, some in a gas one or in an electric… they all are making TRADITIONAL ROUND PIZZA. For example: a New York pizza is a Traditional; a Chicago style isn’t (because it is not round) … In various pizza competitions it’s quite common to have a traditional category: usually the competitor must use a red sauce and a cheese, not many ingredients ( 2 or 3 ) that they can choose from a list and the round pizzas in size ranging 12” to 18”. But these rules can be different depending on the judges choices.