regular basil San Marzano DOP microbasil Buffalo cheese DOP high hydration, long fermentation, high digestible dough

The life of the basil

THE QUEEN Ok, ok… this is not a real style (… not yet…): this is the pie that gave me top honour at the Canadian Pizza chef competition, in Toronto the 15th October 2018. I was working on different dough recipes during the early 2018, with the final goal to come out with the best pizza in Vancouver, or at least the best pizza in Metro Vancouver area… And I’m now proud to say that I made the best pizza in Canada, traditional division, for the 2018; nominated by a jury of five well-respected professionals from the pizza industry: ------ Rocco Agostino, Executive Chef/Partner of Pizza Libretto and Partner of Enoteca Sociale of Pizzeria Libretto, in Toronto, and Chef of the Year in 2013. ------ Joe Leroux, owner of Amadio’s Pizza in Port Credit, Ont., and 2016 Chef of the Year. ------ Kyle Rindinella, Chef di Cucina at Enoteca Sociale Cucina Romana & Wine Bar in Toronto. ------ Tom Stankiewicz, owner of Bondi’s Pizza in London, Ont., 2009 Chef of the Year and columnist for Canadian Pizza. ------ Roberto Vergalito, owner of Roberto’s Pizza Passion, in St. Catharines, Ont., who competed as part of and coached the Canadian Pizza Team for several years, and was winner of the first Canadian Pizza Games.
The dough recipe is a combination of techniques from the artisan bakery and from the artisan pizza: a mix of a ciabatta bread, Altamura bread, Teglia romana and Canotto pizza with Poolish pre-ferment. My first goal was to achieve an high level of digestibility in the final product. I’m writing down a proper website just to talk about the dough: this is a traditional pizza, but with a huge innovation that deserve to be explained properly… so, stay tuned.
THE TOPPINGS All the idea behind the toppings choice is about to reinvent the Margherita pizza and talking a little bit about its Story: How the dish born and how it spread around the world, becoming, probably, the best seller pizza in the world, in any of its variants. We all probably know about the Margherita toppings: 1-tomato sauce 2-mozzarella fior di latte cheese 3-Basil With this 3 ingredients, the pizza chef Raffaele Esposito represented the national colours of Italy as on the flag. the dish was created for the queen Margherita of Savoy (and named after her) to celebrate the Italian unification. The QUEEN pizza has the same 3 colours and the ingredients are as follow: San Marzano DOP dell’Agro Sarnese Nocerino - hand-squeeze, without any seasoning {COLOUR: RED} Pecorino romano grated - This cheese is made out of sheep’s milk: it’s salty and I use it as seasoning for my tomato sauce {COLOUR: WHITE} Although the name may suggest that it is a typical cheese from Rome, the majority of its production occurs in Sardinia. The Pecorino from Sardinia supposed to be called “Pecorino sardo” (a less familiar name, for people outside of Italy). Mozzarella di bufala DOP Pontereale hand-broken following the cheese fibre: I only partially cooked this cheese, in order to keep tits texture {COLOUR: WHITE} Microbasil and Basil I used microbasil as final garnish close to the edge (cornicione) and used a fully grown basil in the centre of the pie. by doing this I wanted to show the life of the basil, from its born to its fully grown state. {COLOUR: GREEN}
Lovemypizza: Best pizza Vancouver. Pizza chef of the year 2019 Canada champion Giuseppe Cortinovis