NEW YORK STYLE PIZZA The New York style pizza is a round pie, ranges between 18 to 24 inches (45 - 61 cm) in diameter. It could be bigger than that, but it’s very rare to see it smaller; that’s, also, because this kind of pizza is usually sold by slice. The idea to sell it by slice started in the early 1900, in New York, to increase the sales by selling a slice of pizza to who couldn’t afford to buy the entire pie. Slices were different sizes, based on how much the customers could pay. About this “behind-the-scenes” I notice a huge similarity with the “pizza al taglio” style, from Rome, that are sold out of take away shops by the weight since around 1950. New York style pizza must be hand-tossed (even if some stretching tools are allowed), thin crust, with not many toppings on it. The layer of cheese has to be thin, to gently embrace the toppings, and has to melt, with some darker/brown spot, during the cooking time. The dough gets colour and a firm crunchiness on the crust, but still semi-soft in the centre. When you hold a New York style pizza slice, without bending the crust, the tip will droop: this is called “flop”. The flop could be small (the tip just bend down a little)  or big (the entire slice is bending down and probably some of the toppings start to fall), it depends on how the pizza shop wants to mark his product. With a huge flop we are getting close to a Neapolitan style (very soft dough).

New York Style pizza

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 The FLOP  Steps to hold the slice straight No flop (typical of a pizza romana) Massive flop (typical of a Neapolitan)