toppings go from heavy amount from the side, to light amount in the centre: in this way the slice will not be too heavy on the tip. pizza section Baking top view spin the dough until you reach you desired size top view You can see a quick video about this stretching technique at this link:  Topping       Finishing Baking part has to be done at high temperature, according with the kind of toppings you decided to use   Stretching the way you take out the dough ball from the container is a crucial move.With the help of a dough cutter and lots of flour, 1st detach the dough ball from teh conainer: gently scrape under the sides of the dough, moving all around it, and only when it is completely released from the surface it is laying on, pick it up on your dough cutter and move it on your floured working surface. Do it trying to create as less demage as possible to the dough: it fermened and leavened, waiting for this moment, you want to start tossing it with all its beautiful structure still in place.  Remember: to obtain a final round shape pizza, you must start stretching a round shape ball. If your dough is not round, gently tap its sides with your palms, throug the centre, recreating a round shape, then move to the next step.The stretching method I want to introduce you is divided in 2 steps: STEP1 - COMPRESSION Flour on top of the dough.Using your fingers, strongly press all the centre of the dough. Just by pressing in different areas, the dough will start to get bigger. You are not stretching it at this time, only pressing with your fingertips.This is the time when you decide how thik you would like to have your cornicione, so decide the distance to keep from the perimeter of the pie based on your preference.Never press the edge, a flat edge will turn out into a burn line. When the circle is big enough that your hands can fit in it, pass to the 2nd step. STEP2 - STRETCHINGStop pressing and just stretch the dough with a circular movement. on a little cone of flour spin the dough in circle, working with your fingers near the edge, without pressing the rim. Press less as possible, just enough to keep spinning: now you are working to stretch the dough by using the centrifugal force. When you reach the size you want, dust away the flour and start topping.   pressing top-down move the carbon dioxide is moving to the cornicione side view side view side view press until your both hands confortably fit into the pie circle This is a very personal part… yes every step is, but this is the one with more room to play around. In Italy we do not cut the pizza in slice before serving it, even if currently is quite trendy to make “pizza gourmet” by cutting the pie in slices and add extra fresh toppings on each one.  StretchingToppingBakingFinishing       

From dough to pie - the practice

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