This is a very recent pizza style. The word “Canotto” refers to the inflated cornicione (crust). This kind of pizza requires good skills to be created: the cornicione must be full of air, with nice big bubbles inside (or a kind of “spider net”), absolutely not doughy!! not full or dense or heavy. The dough is usually made with a poolish technique and it has a higher hydration compared to the classic Neapolitan dough recipe. (PS: I’ve to say that some famous pizza chefs make it by using the biga - like the one I made in the picture posted above. But it can be made with a direct mix, “metodo diretto”). The purist Neapolitan Pizzaioli won’t even consider the Canotto as a Neapolitan pizza or something close to it, and this has caused quite a debate that probably (my opinion) is giving popularity to this new pizza trend. One of the 1st pizzaiolo who believed and worked on the Canotto style is Carlo Sammarco; in a recent interview he said: "I took the unloved crust and I made it my trademark". Nowadays many other famous pizza chefs are working in this creation, just to mention some of them: Salvatore Lionello, Marco Quintili, Vincenzo Capuano, Francesco Martucci, Diego Vitagliano, Angelo Pezzella, Raffaele Bonetta, Giuseppe Pignalosa, Sasa’ Martucci… Caputo flour recently came out with a brand new flour mix, called “Nuvola” (translation cloud) that has been created for the pizza Canotto: this fact makes me thing that, maybe, the Canotto pizza style is something bigger than what it looks like.
This is the open crumb of a Cornicione made with Biga
CANOTTO (say 'ka-no-toe') The translation is “inflatable dinghy”.
Lovemypizza: Best pizza Vancouver. Pizza chef of the year 2019 Canada champion Giuseppe Cortinovis