The all idea of the Bake Nouveau kit was to create a starting ingredients box, same for everyone, in order to experimenting and be able to shae the experience with other Bake Theorists.  LITTLE BAG (150g)Organic flour, about 300W, suitable for long leavening.LIBERTY BAG (350g)Mix of 3 different flour: Organic flour 280W 250g Semolina 100g wheat germ 1 teaspooon SEASALT (8g) YEAST(1,5g)  Bake Nouveau kit Breakdown Liberty Bag Little Bag Salt Yeast Inspired by the Art Nouveau movement (1890 - 1914), I came out with a baking idea that aims to embrace all the new nutritional changes happening in our era, combining them with old traditional recipes.Bake Nouveau is the art of evolving old artisan recipes into modern healthy goods.   The bakers who follow this working path are BAKE THEORISTS: they rather use their senses than strictly rules. To better introduce the concept, I wrote a book, titled “Bake Nouveau”, with few basic ideas to start with and few recipes performed with a flour kit I named “Bake Nouveau kit”.
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