A AGLIARA Copper oil canister AIUTO PIZZAIOLO Pizza helper, or pizzamaker APPRETTO It’s the time between the staglio and the stretching. It’s the final fermentation: during this time the panetto (pizza ball) is increasing its volume and resting in the containers, until the pizza chef will stretch it into a pizza pie. B BATOCCHI Very unusual name to call the dough balls BIGA Pre-ferment: Flour + 45% water + 1% yeast (the percentage is referred to the flour weight). It’s allowed to ferment (usually at room temperature) from 16 to 24 hours to fully develop its flavour. C CONDIMENTO Garnishing / toppings D DIRETTO - METODO DIRETTO “Direct method”. It refers to the STRAIGHT dough: It’s a single-mix process of making the dough. DOP Denominazione Origine Protetta. In English PDO. It is a mark of quality that protects European Agro-food products of excellent quality. E EVO Acronym of Extra Virgin Olive. F FIOR DI LATTE “the flower of the milk”: semi soft fresh cheese made using WHOLE cow’s milk. Not much to say: the quality of this cheese is directly connected to the quality of the milk used to make it. FORNAIO Baker. Fornaio is the person who use the forno (oven). It could be a baker, but if you are talking about a pizzeria team it refers to the guy who cooks the pizza. FORNO Oven FORNO A GAS Gas oven FORNO A LEGNA Wood oven FORNO ELETTRICO Electric oven G GORGONZOLA Semi-hard blue/green-veined cheese. There are 2 main varieties of this cheese: 1.Gorgonzola dolce (sweet Gorgonzola cheese) - creamy, sharp and with just a hint of sweetness 2.Gorgonzola piccante (spicy Gorgonzola cheese) - Spicy taste, the rind is thicker and dryer compare to the sweet one, for this reason it’s less spreadable. Gorgonzola is a registered PDO cheese, similar cheese are blue cheese. I IMPASTATRICE FORCELLA Fork dough mixer IMPASTATRICE SPIRALE Spiral dough mixer IMPASTATRICE TUFFANTE Double arm mixer INCORDATURA Imbalance, of the dough INFORNATA Oven cooking INDIRETTO - METODO INDIRETTO It refers to the “sponge and dough method”, a 2-step dough making process: 1st step: you make a sponge and let it ferment for a period of time 2nd step: the sponge is added to the final dough ingredients. SPONGE, YEAST STARTER, PRE-FERMENT are all synonymous. M MADRE (translation: “mother”) Sourdough MANITOBA Manitoba is a south-western province of Canada. When an italian pizza chef talk about Manitoba flour he refers to a flour that is obtained from grinding soft wheat cultivated in the fields between northern America and southern Canada. However, this term is used to refer to any flour that, irrespective of the variety of wheat used or production area, has resistant features similar to those of American flour. With an index of bread making capacity (W) greater than 350, the Manitoba flour is classified as a special flour. MARTOLETTE Old way to call the dough trays, raising boxing MATTARELLE Rising boxes MOLINO Mill MORTADELLA It is a large Italian cured sausage (salume) made of pork that is first ground and then mashed into a paste, which incorporates at least 15% small cubes of pork fat (principally the hard fat from the neck of the pig). Mortadella is a product of Bologna. It is flavoured with spices, including whole or ground black pepper, myrtle berries, and pistachios. It may get its name from the Roman word for "mortar." A mortar and pestle were once commonly used to crush meats, fruits, and grain. MOZZATURA It is the technique to cut/shape the mozzarella by hand
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